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I moved to Hampstead with my family in 2006. The idea was to be in more peaceful environs but close enough to still be convenient to Wilmington where my wife and I own and operate Prima Day Spa. I had been fortunate enough to find a home with a decent sized parcel of land off Hwy. 210 West. I pride myself in being pretty good about knowing my surroundings but as it turned out, it would be several months before I found a wondrous place that lay secluded in the woods some 150 yards or so behind my home. I had walked the dirt roads that were blocked off behind my land and I found a large wooded plot that was fenced in. It had occurred to me that there must be quite an estate within this property belted by a stand of tall trees interrupted only by a sturdy double gate that opened to a winding private road, disappearing into a lush forest. I imagined that the owners must feel quite fortunate to have such a special and secluded homestead. Being the curious sort, I really wanted to know more about this place but it would be some time before I ventured in.

Finally a neighbor informed me that he knew a man that had bought some trees form the owners of this land and that it was quite a place. Well as it turned out, I was in store for an awesome spectacle that was created by a local couple who took tree farming to one of it's higher forms; the cultivation and propagation of Japanese Maples. The Ash's tree farm, owned and operated by Thomas and Nancy Ash, spreads over 11 acres and grows some of the most beautiful and ornate trees to grace the lawns and gardens of many a proud property owner for miles around.

by J. Saucier



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